Getting creative to sustain research infrastructure

Frontiers in Ecology and the EnvironmentJill Parsons

Biological information infrastructure enables research, education, and decision-making for a diverse community, and imagining modern science without them is akin to imagining life without electricity. At a workshop facilitated by the Ecological Society of America, a group of infrastructure project managers and directors identified serious obstacles to keeping vital resources like these around for the long term. Workshop participants identified some keys to sustainability, such as diversifying revenue streams, ongoing stakeholder engagement, and having a clear value proposition that defines who benefits from infrastructure, how they benefit, and how much. NatureServe was used as one of several case studies to examine how user diversification and engagement can increase sustainability.

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  • Parsons JP, Duke CS and Klein ML. (2011) Getting creative to sustain research infrastructure. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 9: 255.