Webinar: Discovering Data and Informing Regional Ocean Health Priorities with the West Coast Ocean Data Portal

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal, launched in January 2014, connects people to ocean and coastal data in order to improve regional ocean management, planning, and policy development along the U.S. Pacific coastline. The Portal recently launched new tools to help marine debris practitioners better plan for cleanups, understand impacts of debris along the coast, and advocate for better policies. In this webinar, Todd Hallenbeck of the West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health will explain how practitioners can use the portal to discover and analyze a comprehensive database of marine debris cleanup observations to visualize spatial patterns and trends. Understanding, tracking, and visualizing marine debris sources, sinks, and transport will help resource management agencies and NGOs work to prevent and reduce the impacts of marine debris and derelict fishing gear along the U.S. west coast. 

Webinar co-sponsored by OpenChannels.org.